Accrual-Based Compound Interest Calculator

Get a Detailed View of Your Compound Interest with Our Accrual-Based Calculator

Our compound interest calculator provides a unique approach to calculating the growth of your investments. Unlike other calculators, this tool allows you to specify the nominal interest rate, number of periods, and number of accruals per period, giving you a detailed view of the accreted amount for each accrual.

To use the calculator, simply input the initial amount, nominal interest rate, number of periods, and number of accruals per period. The calculator will then generate a table showing the accreted amount for each accrual, providing a clear understanding of the growth of your investment over time.

In short, the calculator below uses the compound interest formula
S=P(1 + \frac{j}{m})^{mn}
where you can set all the parameters.

Thus, you are not locked into monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual accruals.

PLANETCALC, Compound interest. Arbitrary payment

Compound interest. Arbitrary payment

Initial amount
Nominal interest rate
The number accruals in the period for which the nominal interest rate is specified
The number of periods for table calculation
Digits after the decimal point: 2
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PLANETCALC, Accrual-Based Compound Interest Calculator