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This calculator allows users to enter time in various units such as days, hours, minutes and seconds in any combination and then normalizes the value into days, hours, minutes and seconds. The calculator also displays the entered time in other units such as hours plus minutes plus seconds, minutes plus seconds, and seconds only.

The time calculator is a useful tool for those who work with time measurement in various units and need to convert the values to a more convenient representation. For example, someone who is tracking time worked on a project may have the time recorded in hours and minutes, but they may want to see the total time worked in days. This calculator makes that conversion quick and easy.

For example, 278 hours is 11 days 14 hours, or 16680 minutes, or 1000800 seconds.

With this calculator, you can easily convert time from one unit to another, making it a useful tool for anyone who needs to track time accurately.

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PLANETCALC, Time Converter