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This online calculator determines the amount of time that has elapsed between a specific date and the current moment.

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To use the Age Calculator, the user simply enters a date in the designated field. This can be any date of their choosing, such as a birthday or the date of a special event. Once the date has been entered, the calculator uses the current date and time to determine the age in years, months, days, hours, and minutes. It also calculates the total age in days, giving a precise number of how many days have passed since the entered date.

The Age Calculator is a useful tool for anyone who wants to quickly determine their age, or the age of someone else. Whether you are trying to calculate your own age for personal reasons, or need to determine the age of a family member or friend, this calculator provides an accurate and convenient way to do so.

You can also save your birthday and use a permalink to always see your age without touching a form field. Like that one, showing days passed since the birthday of Pierre de Fermat, a 17th-century French lawyer, better known nowadays as a great mathematician.



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