Log Summarizer

This online calculator can be used to summarize lines of text, using regular expressions to extract a unique value from each line, such as a date or session ID.

The user inputs a set of lines and specifies the pattern to be used for extraction. The calculator then counts the number of occurrences of each unique value, and presents the results in the form of a list of unique extracted values, sorted in decreasing order by the number of occurences. This tool is useful for summarizing log files, for example, as it provides a quick and efficient way to identify patterns and trends in large amounts of data.

The calculator also allows the use of regex flags, which modify the behavior of the regular expression.

The default list illustrates this. It has five "match one" strings, and two "match two" strings. The regular expression matches "one" and "two" and the calculator counts their occurrence. The result is displayed in the table, in the decreasing order.

PLANETCALC, List intersection

List intersection

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PLANETCALC, Log Summarizer