Gravity Falls Bill's symbol substitution cipher decoder

This online calculator can decode messages written with Bill's symbol substitution cipher

The calculator below will output English text for a message typed with the Bill Cipher (the main antagonist of Gravity Falls) code symbols. It is a simple substitution cipher.

One of the site visitors has asked us for such a translator. There are plenty of resources which does exactly the opposite, but quite a few like this one. The problem with solving Bill Cipher code is that such a task requires means to enter symbols of Bill Cipher language for decoding, in other words, some virtual keyboard. Happily, we have implemented this feature on our site. Now you can enter any symbols with our new input control SVG keyboard. (For those who curious, the process of creation of such calculators is described at Tips and tricks #6: How to make calculator with virtual keyboard). The keyboard is based on bill cipher true type font, which can found here.

So, just type the encoded message by clicking the virtual keyboard buttons below, and you will see the resulting English text.

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PLANETCALC, Bill Cipher code translator

Bill Cipher code translator


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PLANETCALC, Gravity Falls Bill's symbol substitution cipher decoder