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Regular expression tester
This online calculator allows user to experiment with regular expressions.
Text Formatter
The calculator is designed to reformat lines of text according to user specifications.
URL-encoded string decoder
This converter decodes URL-encoded string (percent-encoded characters). It converts reserved characters as well as UTF-8 characters
GET request string parser
This parser break GET request string to the parameter-value pairs and decodes URL-encoded sequences if needed
LL1 grammar analysis. Yet another top-down parser generator.
The calculator checks LL1 grammar correctness, parses a text using the grammar, shows FIRST, FOLLOW and FIRST PLUS sets, parsing tree and gives PLANETCALC parsing code.
UTF-8 encoded string
The calculator converts an input string to a UTF-8 encoded binary/decimal/hexadecimal dump and vice versa.
Text file encoding
You can use this calculators to encode a text with an encoding.
This calculator compresses/decompresses a string using Lempel-Ziv-Welch (LZW) algorithm.
Unicode scripts and blocks
The calculators for counting number of characters per different Unicode blocks and Unicode scripts for a given text.
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