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Day of the week for a given date
This online calculator shows the day of the week for a given date
Date plus days
This online calculator adds or subtracts a given number of days to or from a given date.
Orthodox Easter date calculator
Using a modification of the Gauss algorithm to calculate Orthodox Easter date
Date Interval Calculator
The calculator allows the user to add or subtract a specified time interval in days, hours, minutes, and seconds to a specified date and return two dates: the date plus the interval and the date minus the interval.
Time interval between two dates
Calculate time interval between two dates
Age Calculator
This online calculator determines the amount of time that has elapsed between a specific date and the current moment.
VARIANT DATE to datetime string
This online calculator converts VARIANT DATE (double) value to datetime string.
Date by the Julian Day Number
Displays Gregorian calendar date corresponding to Julian Day Number
Date to timestamp converter
This calculator converts the date to epoch timestamp in milliseconds, that is, milliseconds since standard epoch of 1/1/1970, as used, for example, in JavaScript.
Days count in several date spans
The calculator gives total number of days in date span list. Each date span is defined by start date and end date. The calculator can exclude multiple date date span intersections.
Release Date Countdown gadget
This calculator allows you to configure the release date or event you want to track and use it as countdown gadget via new "Sharing" functionality
How many months are there between two dates?
This online calculator calculates how many months are there between two dates.
Week days calculator
The calculator counts the number of week days between two selected dates.
Date calculator
Date plus or minus date parts (years, months, days, weeks, hours, minutes, seconds), time zone conversion.
World Time Calculator
This calculator allows you to see the current time in various cities and locations around the world, or to convert a specific date and time for your own location into the corresponding time in other cities. It takes into account the time zone differences between locations and factors in daylight saving time where applicable.
365 days calendar date to Gregorian date
The calculator converts a date in 365 days calendar (Armenian, Ancient Egyptian) to a date in Gregorian calendar
Gregorian to fixed date
Auxiliary calculator for other date conversion calculators. By Calendrical calculations of Dershowitz and Reingold.
Fixed date to Gregorian date
The calculator evaluates the Gregorian date from the fixed date (integer number passed from the beginning of 1.01.01.
Ancient Egyptian Calendar
The calculator converts an Ancient Egyptian date to Gregorian date and vice versa.
Armenian calendar
This calculator converts a date to an Armenian calendar date and vice versa.
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