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LL1 grammar analysis. Yet another top-down parser generator.
The calculator checks LL1 grammar correctness, parses a text using the grammar, shows FIRST, FOLLOW and FIRST PLUS sets, parsing tree and gives PLANETCALC parsing code.
Text compression using Huffman coding
This online calculator compresses entered text using Huffman coding. It also displays built Huffman codes for the reference.
Random Matrix Generator
The matrix generator calculator is a tool that allows the user to generate a random matrix with specific parameters. The user can specify the dimensions of the matrix, the range of values for the matrix elements, and the type of values, either integers or floating-point numbers. The matrix can then be downloaded as a CSV file, with the user able to choose the separator symbol used.
Largest common subsequence
This online calculator is designed to find the largest common subsequence of two subsequence given as strings.
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