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Math Worksheet Generator
Math Worksheet Generator is a simple yet powerful tool designed for elementary school students, parents, and teachers. With this calculator, you can easily create customized math worksheets for your students that will help them improve their math skills and knowledge.
Set Combinations Calculator
The calculator is a combination generator that creates all possible combinations of items from different sets, and lists them in a table with columns labeled by set names and rows representing each combination.
Tips and tricks #11: Dynamic table columns
This article describes how to work with dynamic columns in your calculator
Symbol Generator
The random symbol generator is a simple tool that allows users to generate a specified number of symbols randomly selected from a given set of symbols. Users can choose the number of paragraphs and the number of symbols per paragraph to be generated.
Random matrix generator
This online calculator generates a random matrix with specified parameters like a dimension, a range of values, a type of numbers
Generator of an OpenOffice document (odt) based on a template document and data from another document
This generator allows you to load an OpenOffice document with data, a document template, and generate a final document based on the data and the template. For example, a data document may contain a list of event attendees, a template document may contain an invitation card template, and the final document will contain invitation cards for all attendees from the list.
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