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Complex Fraction Simplifier
This online calculator evaluates arithmetic expressions with common or complex fractions.
Conversion of fractional numbers between numeral systems
This online calculator helps to convert fractional number in one numeral system to fractional number in other numeral system.
LCD Calculator for Fractions
This online calculator find the Least Common Denominator for several fractions
Gaussian elimination with fractions
This online calculator solves systems of linear equations using row reduction (Gaussian elimination) while retaining fractions on all calculation stages. At the end, it returns the results in two forms - as a floating point numbers and as a fractions (with numerator and denominator)
Fraction to Percent and Percent to Fraction Calculator
This online calculator can calculate the percentage value for an entered fraction, or the fraction value for an entered percentage.
Fraction-Decimal Converter
The fraction-decimal calculator is a tool that allows users to convert fractions to decimals and vice versa. Users can enter the numerator and denominator of a fraction to determine its decimal value or enter a decimal to find its simplified fraction value. The calculator simplifies the fraction using the greatest common denominator (GCD) to ensure that the fraction is in its simplest form.
Fraction Simplifier Calculator: Simplify Fractions to Lowest Terms
The Fraction Simplifier Calculator employs the greatest common factor (GCF) to simplify any fraction you enter, reducing it to its simplest form.
Partial fraction decomposition
The calculator decomposes a polynomial fraction to several fractions with a simpler denominator.
Number approximation as a sum of unit fractions
The calculator approximates a fractional number with a sum of unit fractions (a unit fraction numerator is one). The unit fraction denominator is a number which is less than the base times the base in integer non negative power.
Conversion of share to percentage of total
This online calculator converts the number/size/volume/share of parts to a percentage of the total number/size/volume/share
Continued fraction
The calculator represents a fraction as continued fraction
Egyptian numbers
The calculator displays a number in ancient Egypt hieroglyphs. Multiple numbers are recognised as Egyptian fraction.
Egyptian fractions
The calculator converts decimal number or simple fraction to Egyptian fraction.
Egyptian Fraction to Rational Number Converter
The Egyptian Fraction Calculator is a tool that converts an Egyptian fraction into a rational number.
Continued fraction to rational number
The calculator converts the continued fraction coefficients to the rational number.
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