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Raoult's Second law and the freezing temperature.
Calculation of boiling point and crystallization (freezing) of non-electrolyte solutions.
Two Buckets Puzzle Calculator
This online calculator finds a solution for a variation of two buckets puzzle where you need to fill a tank with certain volume.
Alcohol amount in the aqueous alcohol solution
Defines the mass and volume concentration of ethanol in the solution of two liquids with different levels of alcohol.
Strength of alcoholic cocktail
Calculates volume fraction of alcohol in a beverage made of 3 other beverages.
Glue Solution Calculator
The Glue Solution Calculator is a handy tool that helps you calculate the exact amount of dry glue and water needed to make the glue solution of the desired strength.
CaCl2 ppm to chlorides WPS ppm converter
This online calculator converts given CaCl2 ppm concentration into chlorides water phase salinity ppm concentration
Сomputer algebra
Derives a formula from input formulas and input data to calculate remained parameters
Molarity calculator
This online calculator can calculate the molar concentration of a solute in a solution, or mass of a solute in a solution with a specific molar concentration.
Dilution calculator and problems solver
This online calculator can calculate the molar concentration (molarity) of a solute or volume of a solution before or after the dilution.
pH of a solution calculator
These online calculators calculate the pH of a solution. There are two calculators – one for either strong acid or strong base, and another for either weak acid or weak base.
Proportions of diluted solution and diluent
This online calculator calculates the proportions in which a diluted solution with a specified concentration of a substance should be mixed with a diluent with a specified concentration of a substance to obtain a required concentration.
Mixing solutions of different concentrations
The concentration of a chemical in a solution can be reduced by mixing it with a less concentrated solution of the same substance. The calculator below allows you to determine the proportions in which two solutions need to be mixed to obtain the desired concentration.
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