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Total time calculator
This calculator is useful for fast time addition, you just enter time entries in hh mm ss format and the calculator gives you the sum of there time entries
Cost of one hour (or kilometer)
Calculation of price per 1 kilometer by user request
World Time Converter
The calculator displays the current time on your PC, as well as the corresponding UTC time based on the time zone on your PC. Additionally, the user can choose any city and the calculator will display the current time in that city.
Orthodox Easter date calculator
Using a modification of the Gauss algorithm to calculate Orthodox Easter date
Date Interval Calculator
The calculator allows the user to add or subtract a specified time interval in days, hours, minutes, and seconds to a specified date and return two dates: the date plus the interval and the date minus the interval.
Time. Total sum
Calculator sums up input time intervals
Time Converter
This calculator allows users to enter time in various units such as days, hours, minutes and seconds in any combination and then normalizes the value into days, hours, minutes and seconds. The calculator also displays the entered time in other units such as hours plus minutes plus seconds, minutes plus seconds, and seconds only.
Time interval between two dates
Calculate time interval between two dates
Area de la Sombra de un Objeto
El área de la sombra se refiere a la de un objeto cuadrado o rectangular.
Time Interval Calculator
This calculator allows you to easily add and manage time intervals in a table, using the hours:minutes:seconds format. Whether you're tracking work hours, recording running times, or measuring any other type of elapsed time, this calculator can help.
Age Calculator
This online calculator determines the amount of time that has elapsed between a specific date and the current moment.
Release Date Countdown gadget
This calculator allows you to configure the release date or event you want to track and use it as countdown gadget via new "Sharing" functionality
Time difference
The calculator gives a time difference in hours or minutes between two selected time zones for the current date and time.
World Time Calculator
This calculator allows you to see the current time in various cities and locations around the world, or to convert a specific date and time for your own location into the corresponding time in other cities. It takes into account the time zone differences between locations and factors in daylight saving time where applicable.
Time percentage
The calculator converts time to percent and vice versa.
Time to money converter
This online calculator estimates how much your time is worth given your hourly rate
Dynamical Time difference
The calculator plots TD time difference approximation for given time period
Time scales
This calculator represents time in different time scales.
Equation of time
The calculator plots the equation of time - the difference between apparent solar time and the mean solar time. It also draws the two components: the orbit eccentricity effect and the obliquity effect.
Daylight saving time
The calculator determines the nearest DST transition dates for a given date. It also displays the time transition history for a given time zone.
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