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Total time calculator
This calculator is useful for fast time addition, you just enter time entries in hh mm ss format and the calculator gives you the sum of there time entries
Mathematical competition tasks
Calculator solving some mathematical competition task
Time. Total sum
Calculator sums up input time intervals
Construction Volume Calculator
The Construction Volume Calculator allows you to calculate the total volume of a construction project by specifying the volume of various prisms (or rectangular cuboids) and subtracting any volumes you wish to exclude.
Rectangle Area Calculator
The calculator is a useful tool for calculating the total area of a set of rectangles.
Vector Addition Calculator
This online calculator performs vector addition and displays vectors and vector sum graphically.
Quick Sum Calculator
This online calculator sums up entered numbers. Any symbol what is not a digit, for example, a space, a comma, a semicolon, etc, serves as a separator. It is useful when you need to sum up several numbers but do not have speadsheet program at hand. Use the dot symbol as separator for the decimal part of the number if you need to.
Sum of Partial Sums of Arithmetic Sequence
This online calculator calculates partial sums of an arithmetic sequence and displays the sum of partial sums.
Sum of Partial Sums of Geometric Sequence
This online calculator calculates partial sums of geometric sequence and displays sum of partial sums.
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